Dental Health Month 2021

Dental Health 

Although some people think that pets cannot be plagued with cavities, toothaches, gum problems or other mouth issues, that is simply not true. Veterinarians recommend an annual check of your pet's teeth and gums to detect potential problems that can affect chewing and eating. There are also some conditions that lead to tooth loss. Vets routinely are called upon to extract, file or otherwise try to repair damaged pet teeth, and treatment procedures can be difficult. Regular teeth cleaning is recommended as a preventive measure.


Dental Health Month

FEBRUARY is Pet Dental Health Month.  During this month, we offer 15% off dental cleaning procedures.  Since we do have to anesthetize dogs and cats to clean their teeth, we recommend pre-operative labwork.   We will be offering 25$ off our geriatric blood panel starting January 23, 2021.  

How do you prepare for a dental appointment during this time?? 

*Have one of our veterinarians evaluate your pet's teeth and overall dental health to prepare for the procedure.

*Make an appointment during February for the cleaning.

*Have your pet's pre-operative labwork done at our office at least 3 days before the procedure.  Remember the discount on the labwork doesn't start until January 23rd.

All other procedure preparations will be explain to you when you make the appointment.

CALL 806-794-4118 or request here to make an appointment or if you have any questions. 

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