Pet Selection

Selecting Your Pet
Remember that a pet should be a friend for life; most animals live to be at least 10 years old. Unlike wild animals, pets are dependent on humans for care, food and shelter. Local Humane and Animal Control officers know all too well the suffering that goes with abandonment. If you are in a position to assume the responsibility of a pet, the following should be helpful.

Breed Selection:

  • Read books on different breeds. There are entire shelves of books on breeds at the Public Library.
  • Talk to Heart of the Plains Kennel Club members for information on a breed or the American Kennel Club registration process.
  • Go to area shows. Talk to the exhibitors and look over the various breeds.
  • Arrange to speak with Animal Services by calling 775-2057.
  • Look in the classified section of the newspapers or on craigslist.
  • Remember that many municipal facilities and many breeders can not guarantee the health of a pet. Your adoption or purchase should always be followed or preceded by an immediate visit to the veterinarian.

FYI: Remember
The City Animal Shelter keeps tagged dogs and cats 10 days, untagged dogs and cats 3 days before destroying them! Visit the Shelter DAILY when looking for a lost pet!

Visit Local rescue organizations to find your new pet: Morris Safe House  or 4 Legged Friends of Lubbock