TankAnimal Medical Center Canine Blood Donor
Tank is our in house blood donor dog. He has been a team member here at AMC since 2012 and has saved several lives. He has undergone extensive testing to ensure his safety and each recipient’s safety. He is a universal donor, meaning his blood is safe to be given to any dog, regardless of the recipient’s blood type. He is also screened routinely for the common tick diseases as well as for heartworms to ensure that no disease is transmitted during a transfusion. Additionally, we screen Tank ’s blood to ensure that he is able to maintain normal organ function and has adequate red blood cells, platelets, and white blood cells. He has a happy life here and gets lots of attention. Our kennel staff routinely exercises him, plays with him, and works on basic obedience with him. He also spends off time with Sarah at her house.  As with all previous blood donor dogs here at AMC, he will be placed for adoption into a loving home after his service here is over. Until then, we will continue to give him lots of love and treats for the invaluable service he renders to so many of our patients desperately in need of a blood transfusion.

MarvinClinic Cat
Marvin came to the clinic after being found on a busy street in 2008 by Stuart. He enjoys a leisurely life style mostly in our pharmacy area behind the computer. He enjoys knocking things off the counter and trying to sneak into the bathroom to drink out of the toilet.

MargoClinic Cat
Margo was found by a previous technician in 2008. She had an injured leg at the time but you’d never guess that today. She got along so well with Marvin we decided he needed a friend. We think they bonded over a mutual hatred of all dogs. Her favorite spot in the clinic is the chair in front of our microscope.

McLovinClinic Cat
McLovin is our newest addition! Yes, he’s different!

RascalRetired Animal Medical Center Canine Blood Donor
Rascal served as our blood donor dog from 2009-2012. Just like Tank, he went through all the same testing and was a universal donor. He saved many lives during his time with us. Mandi adopted him so you might still see him up front from time to time with the receptionists.